Guilt: The Worst Symptom

One of the hardest parts of dealing with health issues would have to be the guilt. Guilt that you are not a enough because of your illness. Guilt that you are taking away from the life of your partner, or … Continue reading

Inmates Running the Asylum: Part III

Guest blog written by Delvin Shnyvuu* You might not have heard, but a while back, a sexually depraved loner who believed that society – and women in particular – conspired to prevent him from losing his virginity, went on a … Continue reading

Inmates Running the Asylum: Part II

Guest blog written by Delvin Shnyvuu* Last evening, every single news channel on the tube was talking about Monica Lewinsky… again. A few had gone all out and pulled together panels of expert pundits to editorialize, debate, condemn and defend Monica Lewinsky… … Continue reading


Hollywood Just Can’t Figure Out Feminism

In 1837, Charles Fourier coined the term “feminism” for his radical view that women deserve equality. Somehow, over the years, the definition of feminism has become tarnished and twisted, until today, 177 years later, it has a downright negative connotation … Continue reading

Inmates Running the Asylum: Part I

Guest blog written by Delvin Shnyvuu* In an effort to reduce my stress level, I’ve decided to spread out the burden. Congratulations on being chosen to partake! Every day I’m bombarded by news of another psychotic nutjob that has been elevated into … Continue reading

A Conclusion: Dr. Drew Speaks with Dr. Tamer Seckin

I think we can all agree that if there is some good be found from Dr. Drew Pinsky’s horribly misinformed comments regarding Endometriosis and Interstitial Cystitis it is the raised awareness brought to these issues. In that vein, Dr. Drew’s podcast last … Continue reading