Inmates Running the Asylum: Part III

Guest blog written by Delvin Shnyvuu*

You might not have heard, but a while back, a sexually depraved loner who believed that society – and women in particular – conspired to prevent him from losing his virginity, went on a homicidal spree in Isla Vista CA.


The suspect had a history of mental illness, and just weeks before had been confronted by the Santa Barbara police over a disturbance he had caused. Fellow classmates explained how he had become increasingly aggressive, barging into rooms, stalking females on campus and following them as they fled into elevators to trap them into companionship. His father, a noted Hollywood director, had recently threatened to take his car away unless he agreed to see a psychiatrist.


The nutjob believed that he was an exceptionally superior man, and that his inability to attain the admiration, reverence, and sexual subservience of women was due primarily to being conspired against by his peers. Convinced that an evil society was actively preventing superior men like himself from having sex, he began to believe that he was a prophet – – and finally, that God had told him to rain death on those preventing him from losing his virginity.


On Feb. 25th 2001 David Attias left his dorm to go “find a girl” and then, while screaming “I am the angel of death!” rocketed through Isla Vista at 60mph mowing down 5 people; and killing 4.



At his trial, the jury rejected the charge of aggravated vehicular manslaughter and instead found him guilty of 4 counts of 2nd degree murder, which would carry a prison sentence. He was determined insane a week later and sentenced to 60 years in a mental ward. In 2011 he was re-diagnosed by his therapists, who determined his crime to have been caused by a “drug-induced psychosis”, and he was released in 2012.


Just this past weekend, Elliot Rodgers – son of another Hollywood director, and a sexually depraved loner who believed that society (and women in particular) conspired to prevent him from losing his virginity, went on a homicidal spree in Isla Vista, killing  6 and injuring 13.


If you didn’t recall the 2001 tragedy, it’s probably because there weren’t any guns involved, which seems to be the only thing that anyone can focus on with regard to the current tragedy. Which I think is bizarre, since I could come up with a bunch of more relevant topics without even trying, for example:

1)      Both David Attias and Elliot Rodgers had wealthy Hollywood fathers who shipped their disturbed children up to Santa Barbara because they could not deal with them. How do we keep the sexually depraved homicidal offspring of Hollywood directors out of Isla Vista?

2)      David Attias destroyed 2 cars in the year leading up to his killing spree; His father had just purchased him the 3rd which he used to murder 4 people. Elliot Rodgers had planned to use his father’s SUV in the same manner, but used his BMW instead. Should children of Hollywood directors be ineligible to drive?   

3)      Elliot Rodgers slit the throats of his 2 roommates and their friend. Would they be alive, and could they have stopped him before he murdered anyone else, if they had been armed with a gun?

4)      California allows law-abiding citizens over 21 and without a criminal record to purchase 1 state approved handgun (fitted with a traceable stamp) per month, after completing and passing a gun safety course and test, submitting to a background check, waiting 10 days after purchase to take possession and providing proof of a owning either a gun safe or gun lock. Would Elliot Rodgers have slit the throats of his roommates if he had to wait 45 days instead of 10?

5)      After slitting the throats of his roommates, attempting to enter and set fire to a sorority house, and mowing down pedestrians with his car while firing out the windows, the spree ended when Elliot Rodgers fired a bullet into his head. Is a bullet in the head the most effective way to stop a homicidal psychopath, or would waiting for him to slit his own throat be more efficient?

6)      While planning the date for his murder spree, Elliot Rodgers wrote “I saw that there were way too many cops walking around on such an event. It would be impossible to kill enough of my enemies before being dispatched by those damnable cops.” Why didn’t California’s strict gun laws deter him, but the presence of armed people did?

7)      Police recovered over 400 rounds of ammunition in dozens of loaded 10 round magazines from Elliot Rodgers car. In response to homicides committed by previous psychopathic criminals, magazines holding over 10 rounds were made illegal. If the magazines had been limited to 6 rounds and were painted with polka-dots, would this have prevented Elliot Rodgers and David Attias from running down pedestrians?

8)      Since gun control laws obviously don’t stop criminals from illegally acquiring firearms, how about discussing whether they deter criminals that commit murder with guns from using them? “Well, I was going to murder that bitch, but I just didn’t want to get in trouble for using an unlicensed, unregistered firearm with a 30 round magazine…”

It seems to me that the despite all the pointless current discussion, there is really only one lessen that can be taken: In Isla Vista, it’s best to be armed when the sexually depraved homicidal children of Hollywood directors are present.

*Names have been changed to protect the innocent


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