Guilt: The Worst Symptom

One of the hardest parts of dealing with health issues would have to be the guilt. Guilt that you are not a enough because of your illness. Guilt that you are taking away from the life of your partner, or … Continue reading

Specialists Speak Out About Dr. Drew’s Comments

Endometriosis, Adeno, IC

This post will be building on past events. If you are not caught up, please feel free to take a moment and update yourself so you understand the full weight of the upcoming statements.  An Open Letter to Dr. Drew … Continue reading

Keep Calm ’cause I’m Moving On

My husband helped me make a terrifying decision in December of this year; I left Kaiser Permanente after 32 years.  I left my OB/GYN, who knew my case inside and out and had cried with us when we saw our youngest’s … Continue reading

So, You’ve got Quasimodo’s, huh?

This week, while I was again fighting off a 102° fever and a wicked case of strep throat, my five year old told me, “I wish I had a new mommy that wasn’t sick all the time”. This actually led … Continue reading